If there’s one word that can describe my 2012, it must be Kiseki. It’s a Japanese word for ‘path’ or ‘miracle.’ This year, God has paved the way for me to see new things, even old things though in a new light. Some events happened unexpectedly. It’s all by God’s grace. J I’m a man of few words so I will keep this year-end journal short and simple. There are seven reasons why I call this 2012 my Kiseki year.

1. Passing the Master in International Studies comprehensive exams (April 2). On April 2, I posted this: “PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! PRAISE GOD! I PASSED THE COMPREHENSIVE EXAMINATIONS. I WILL GRADUATE ON APRIL 26th. GLORY TO GOD!!!! LORD, YOU ARE SOOOOOOO GOOD. 😀 ♥”

2. Graduating with Master’s degree in International Studies from the University of the Philippines (April 21). On the same day, I posted this: “Glory to God!| Finally, natapos din ang limang taon sa Masterado. :)”

3. First time to live independently (June 2). This was my post:

“Today is my first day as an independent man… Today, God has made me feel what real independence is about. Kailangan kong matutong magluto, mamalengke, maglinis ng bahay, at TUMAYO SA SARILING PAA. God, be my strong foundation. Indeed, You are my refuge. Oh happy day. :)”

4. Started work as Assistant Professor at the UP (June 4), and started teaching on June 15 (not sure). I was not really sure if I thought well, but happy to get this message from a former student. “Hinding hindi ko din po malilimutan yung mga una niyong binitawang salita no’ng first day.. “Class, this is school, ‘wag kayong mahiyang magtanong sa’kin kung may hindi kayo alam.. Kaya nga kayo andito ‘diba?”… Pagpalain po kayo sa patuloy na pag-inspire ng buhay ng mga kabataan tulad ko!” I wish not to disclose her name for privacy.

5. Found out I got chosen as NCR male representative to the SSEAYP 2012 Philippine Delegation (June 5); joined the PDT in July. This was my post on June 7: “Glory to God! wooohoooo!!! grabe lang yung pagbuhos ng blessings. I have been chosen as the sole male representative of NCR para sa Philippine delegation to the 39th SSEAYP. Three months ang magiging cruise for cultural exchange and diplomacy. 🙂 This is a good year talaga. Last Tuesday night, God whispered: I will use you mightily. My reply: wow, thank You, God. :)”

6. Patched up with my brother with whom I had misunderstanding for many months. I did not post anything about it because it was sudden. Indeed, more than the saying “Time heals,” I believe “God heals in better and wonderful ways.” But yeah, it took time because we had to learn from the experience.

7. Joined the SSEAYP and went to 6 countries, and has made new friends. The experience may not be perfect because there were days of discomfort, homesickness, lovesickness, and yeah, I lost my camera too. But everything happens for a reason. Just like the ocean, life is vast. As the boat sails, you will cross calm waters, and even wavy ones. You just have to look at the bright side of things. J

I have realized that in all my successes, I would always mention and give credit to God from Whom all blessings flow. I have to admit that I haven’t been a very good boy this year, yet He showered me with blessings. The year has not been perfect, but I guess that’s also what makes it beautiful. When things are not perfect, we strive to make things better every time.

Here’s to a great year ahead! Cheers.


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