2011-2012 When God closes the door, He opens windows. :)

My three-year stint as a high school teacher at the Ateneo ended on March 31, 2011. It was something I accepted and welcomed wholeheartedly. In fact, I was something I partly wanted. My three years were fun, enriching, but also sprinkled with some bitter herbs – bitter but these experiences have contributed to my growth as a person. Came June 2011, I enrolled again at the UP for my last semester, but first time to go full-time. I took my last 12 units before I file my residency prior to the comprehensive exams in February. From June to August, I focused on giving my best by trying to meet all the requirements for a proposal course (research methods), one major (IS), two cognates (East Asia and Philippine problems), and one Spanish language proficiency course. In August, I took the grammar and writing tests, passed both, thanks to God indeed. 🙂 It was also during this month when I decided to audition in Victory Quezon City’s music team. Came October and my coursework was over. In November, had a radical decision – to commit my life to Christ again. 🙂 All things went so well.

November to December, finally I felt freedom. I would wake up at 7, 8 or 9am. Walk Meego (my dog) on the street, ride my bike, go with mama to the grocery, and other leisures. But it was also in December when things changed quite in a negative way. Family problems. I and my brother had a terrible quarrel. It made me decide to leave the house. Those were days of intense pain and sorrow for me, for even mama was already confused on what to do. My plans to live independently did not materialize. Anyway, just went along. Days turned into weeks. Came February, time to take the comps. Waited for a almost a month before I got to find out the results. God is good indeed. I passed the comps. Graduated in April 2012. But just before that, I submitted my application to UP Los Banos (I wanted independence so I really chose some work that’s too far, one that could really motivate me to stand by what I want to become – an independent man). Just before my graduation on April 21 and 22, I got the good news: I got admitted as faculty.

A few weeks passed. May 15, I went to the NYC for an interview by a 5-member panel which would choose the fittest NCR representative to the Philippine Delegation to the 39th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program. Many of my fellow candidates were good. But I just did my best, God did the rest. 🙂

June 5, while attending a Teachers Seminar at UPLB, I got a call from the NYC informing me that I have been chosen as the NCR representative. Woah! Awesome. God is great!!! 🙂 Then, I eventually understood and realy appreciated God’s plan. I was not selected to join a program in China from November to December 2011 because had I been selected, i wouldn’t be allowed to join SSEAYP because of their two-year program gap policy. 🙂 SSEAYP is a 52-day (almost 2 month all expense-paid cruise) which main purpose is to harness young leaders from ASEAN and Japan through soft diplomacy: cultural exchange and exposure to various issues that concern the region.



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