A Time for Politico-Moral Maturity

Tomorrow, the Senators of the Republic of the Philippines will act as a quasi-judicial body to hold yet another impeachment – that of Chief Justice Renato Corona, on grounds of betrayal of public trust. The question I wish to raise in this article is this: “Has the Senate learned from history – particularly from what happened during the crucial and rocky impeachment sessions in December 2000 and January 2001. Who can forget Aquino-Oreta’s dancing queen act, tearful Legarda approaching and embracing Pimentel, and Defensor-Santiago’s eccentric reactions to various audience, and so many other interesting moments caught in the pages of newspapers and on television, viewed by the public – both critical and shallow-minded people. This melodramatic period of Philippine history brought down former president Joseph Estrada from the pedestal of power, and catapulted Gloria Arroyo to the presidency. Of course, you know how the plot thickened, and fast forward to the even more rocky years of President Arroyo and the loud exchange of opposing views of the Aquino administration and his precedent’s government. Now that Arroyo is in jail waiting for her case to be heard in court, her appointed Chief Justice’s case has been given more attention.

I, as a concerned citizen, only hope that the truth will be heard, and justice be served, according to the guiding artciles of the Constitution. We don’t want another melodrama that portrays scandalous and quite immature moments that has gone into the pages of the country’s rich history.


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