Life is so short.

Do you remember that very popular song years ago, sung by Moffats I guess? Life is so short? (kakantahin pa niya yan… hehehe).

I got caught by the lyrics because of a deep realization about life. Indeed, life is so short.


Just this morning, after having my quiet time reading God’s Word and say a prayer, I checked my facebook. And there’s that news that shocked me: a batchmate at the Ateneo High School New Faculty 2008 passed away at dawn.

So surprising, so quick were the thoughts that rushed into my mind. This young man of 28 years or so, a graduate of a reputable university, died of pneumonia. Life is so short. Kelan lang, patay na pala siya.


What’s the essence of life?


To know God. Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. and let His Spirit take control of your life.


It sounds so church, I know. But true. So true. All our dreams, our lives themselves will pass away…. all our achievements will be left in paper and in the memories of people. But as one leaves this desolate world, where will his soul go? – it’s either heaven or hell.


Do you love your family, your friends,… just think of the people you love…. are they “saved” already, through Jesus?


How many people do you know personally or do not personally know are not yet saved?



This news surprised me. But more significantly, this news has made me think and meditate again of three big things:

a. what’s the essence of life? achievements, citations, and recognitions will all pass away….

b. life is short. use it to glorify God.. search Him always.

c. God has saved me through Jesus. His Spirit sustains me. But what about others? It’s best to share about Jesus.



One more for Jesus.




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