Transformation is gradual

Today, a new life has begun. Transformation is gradual. Cannot change in a day or weeks or months. Sometimes, it takes years to change. But it is always imperative that we find God in order to change. I have tried my best to seek Him, and He responded so beautifully. He has changed my heart for the better. 🙂

Here are some things I am grateful to God for:

a generous heart as I give the last portion of my firstfruit to men of God (missionaries)

b. he has brought me to the bright side and revealed His purpose for me as I saw and continually see how He turns sad situations into happy ones. I couldve been hired again as part-time faculty but the Lord did not allow so. He wanted me to enroll this sem and study full-time so I can finish the minimum 36 units before taking the compre in the second semester. Also, because of my schedule, I can take an extramural class in Spanish so I can prepare for the language proficiency test  set next month. And this is the best part, bro/ sis, I CAN SHARE THE GOOD NEWS in the afternoon since my classes are in the evening. 🙂

3. I thank the Lord for my supportive family.

Yes, God keeps his promises. 🙂 PRAISE HIM. PRAISE THE LORD! PRAISE THE LORD! Hallelujah!!! 🙂


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