Coping with the loss of valuable stuff

 I still find it heavy to just get on with thought-of memories, because all those visual memories are gone with the loss of that flashdrive. Photos of our family celebrating fun and togetherness, travels out of town, simple house barbeque party, and picnic stuff are all but gone with that lost flashdrive. One thing that makes this difficult to accept, and hurtful, is the fact that it was stolen by one of my students. Im pretty sure it got lost at school because I still had it in the morning. One of my students probably got it. And never had the good heart to return it. Still bitter about it. But what makes the feeling heavier is the fact that I have to accept that it’s really gone, unless my brother would be able to retrive old files from our old desktop.

Losing important stuff in life is indeed difficult to accept. But we have to learn how to accept them, or we fail to do other important things. Everything in this world is a mist, here today and gone tomorrow. Sure, we can keep memories for a short time, and tomorrow, they’re less remembered or completely forgotten, left with the old years, left with history, left with the past, yesterday..

Yeah, today is more important. So let’s just make the most out of it.


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