Memoirs of a young Ateneo teacher


Ngayon ko lang na-realize, for three years, I was teaching the great great grandsons of some of the most influential mestizos and academic elites in Philippine chronicles and history, even those of the former presidents, heroes, and “contrabidas” in history, and the sons of those magnates and executives of big companies – within the walls of the Ateneo classrooms. Looking back, I never really so highly regarded an apo of this or that hero or rich-don-or-dona-in-Pinoy-history over other noveau richs and middle class boys. After all, inside the classroom at kahit sa labas nito, pare-pareho lang tayong Pilipino. Nagkataon lang, may mayayaman, katamtaman, at nagsisikap. Their teacher belongs to the second or last. 😀


I remember my farewell speech to my first moderating class (1I). One reason I wanted to be a moderator (adviser) was because I wanted to have a CLASS PICTURE with MY VERY OWN advisory class. After roughly a school year with them, I realized this: all those fun, crazy, and and tampo moments are what really matter – a genuine class picture. 🙂 I didn’t know that my last year as class moderator (of 1M) would be quite more challenging (in a different way). But the experience I had as the class moderator of these young boys will be cherished, and can somehow (yeah, I think they surely will) contribute to my becoming a good dad someday. I thank the Lord for the tough and sweet experience of having been a proto-daddy (actually, more of a kuya) to those teens.


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