Three Years

Countdown. Two months.

You’re hired.

I still remember the very first time I stepped into the Administration Building of the Ateneo High School to submit my application requirements for a teaching position. I waited for a month or so until I was interviewed by outgoing AP Chair Mr. Hernando and soon-to-be SAC Ms. Natividad. It was a nerve-racking experience, as almost all job interviews are. But this time, I was more determined to land the job, something rewarding, fulfilling, noble, enriching, challenging and fun all at the same time. Mr. Balmaceda (then APAA), Fr. Eli Lumbo (ApFor, whose ever cozy office I still remember vividly), and Fr. RB (Principal, whose big smile and deep voice I still recall) interviewed me (Mr. Santos who would soon assume the APAA chair didn’t interview me at all perhaps because of the transition stuff). When Fr. RB shook hands with me, I didn’t know I was already hired. I was so naive at 22. Mrs. Calleja and Fr. RB assisted me to Ms. Vasallo (maam Nimia) for the signing of contract. Therein stated were conditions and other provisions. I didn’t read every single detail of course. All I knew was “Here it is. The door is opening.” This is it, I screamed inside with much excitement. Kasi naman, ito ang aking first full-time job. I went back to the car and even joked my mom, “Ma, wala eh. Hindi ako natanggap.” She replied positively but before she continued, I cut her immediately with “joke lang. Tanggap ako.” Enthusiasm, overwhelming happiness, and just beautiful emotions filled my heart.

Full of hope and gratitude.

God is good indeed.

First Year of Teaching (2008-09)

to be continued….


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