The State Crisis

The last three years of Pres. Jacinto have been tumultuous because of the strong but callous opposition from the more prominent officials of the government. Vice President Gallego’s stand seems fuzzy, as if he’s fenced in by the self-interested oppositionists on the one hand but also carefully eyed by the president’s supporters on the other. Alfonso, the doubled-faced finance secretary creeps slowly to influence his fellow members of the cabinet to withdraw their support from Jacinto.

Will Jacinto succumb to the pressure of his opponents?

With whom and for what will Gallego stand in the end of this political battle?

Will Alfonso succeed with his sinister moves against the President?

Nakanino ang huling baraha?

Politics, they say, is like a game.

In the end, there shall be winners and losers. Winners take all. Losers take nothing.

Jacinto, let the game begin now.

Gallego, you decide.

Alfonso, you dirty player.

Jacinto, your government is on the rocks.


Federico Jacinto – President

Santiago Alfonso – Finance Secretary (opposition, ex-administration)

Julian Gallego – Vice President (in the middle)

Sen. Arianna Blanco – Senate President (administration)

Sen. Justo Tigno – Senator (administration)

Gen. Francisco Aguirre – Defense Secretary (pro-Ponce)

Hon. Feliciano Baguian – House Speaker (administration)

Gen. Franco Zaragosa – Armed Forces (administration)

Rep. Leona Sarmento – Congressman (admin, but traitor)

Rep. Jimeno Marquez – Congressman (admin, but traitor)


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