Aaroboy Fly: The Beginning

Aaron is an 11-year-old bookworm who’s also into adventure. He has always dreamt of going to imaginary places and meeting the characters creatively described and/or sketched only in the pages of his late father’s adventure books. These books have, for generations, been kept tight on the ancestral bookshelf which was principally owned by Aaron’s great grandfather. His mom was told by her late husband to always remind their son to handle the books very gently, and make sure none of the pages would be torn. It may have been a simple reminder from a genuine booklover but such tender advice was also a warning – one that Aaron failed to follow.

One very windy but gloomy afternoon, after a long day in school, he decided to unwind by grabbing a small book from the antique bookshelf. This has always been his favorite leisure besides hiking in the fields. Minutes turned into an hour and the boy felt sleepy, eventually falling asleep. But due to extreme exhaustion, he accidentally pushed the book down from the table, causing the unfastened and frail pages to fall apart, got torn and flown by the strong afternoon gust.

The pages of Fly, one of the oldest adventure books from the antique collection, are now blown by the wind to the farthest of places.

He wakes up in the morning only to find himself floating in air surrounded by cool and supple clouds, clad in extra-ordinary apparel fit for a pre-teen adventure hero. He’s now Aaroboy Fly. Ride on the clouds, Aaroboy. Go and fly high. Go and gather the pages of the “superbook.”


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