Thoughts on My Role as Citizen in the May Elections and Beyond

I admit. I didn’t register for the coming May elections and do my duty as a citizen of the Philippines, and take my privilege to express freedom to vote. My reason: (be ready for this, this might sound absurd for you) I was not decided and to some extent, I lost confidence and trust in the sincerity of the candidates in building up this exhausted nation and draw it from the quagmire of perennial poverty. I feel sad for the present state of the Philippines. I have always loved the Philippines despite its seemingly hopeless condition – disobedient and undisciplined majority, decaying morals and values embedded on a culture of religious hypocrisy and social impassiveness and lack of concern for the kapwa, deteriorating morale, widening social inequality, apathy and disunity among the peoples even in different quarters of the society, economic upheavals, and the apparent corruption of the government and the political system. I may be one of the thousands or millions of Filipinos who have somewhat lost sanguinity not only in the electoral system but also in the entire political system with heaps of mess caused by greed and selfishness of the landed and powerful political elite resting over the taxes of the middle class and the indefatigable effort of the toiling masses. The social, economic, and political threads of the people’s fabric have loosened and have to be weaved together again by yet another generation of young men and women hungry for change and willing to sacrifice their time, effort, skills, and talents and whatever have been endowed by the Almighty. This is possible. Indeed, it is.

This May, I may not be able to elect the relatively competitive, compassionate, and passable candidates because f three connected reasons: First, I didn’t register; second, I was suspicious of the capacity and sincerity of the candidates; and third, because I fell short of hope for change. The first was my fault. I should have registered and gave myself enough time to examine the candidates, and eventually decide by voting. The second reason was the product of trust fatigue towards our leaders and belief in their political drive –which is actually an amiss attitude of any person or citizen. When one puts his trust in a person, and is betrayed, he might just stumble and fall. It’s foolish to trust one’s fate in other people’s actions. We, men and women, family members, and members of any organization, are created to be part of a whole so that what we lack, and others have, we can share and utilize for the good of the whole. Hence, cooperation and unity, rather than parasitic satisfaction and suspicion, are necessary to having a more decent and progressive, if not ideal, society. If such society breeds parasites extremely dependent of the capacity of their leaders and fellowmen as well as men and women who are suspicious and pessimistic of aspirations, we shall all fail and drown to distress. Acting together is the key to progress. Too much dependence to the point idleness leads to corrosion of the body. I cannot completely trust the candidates and and not be hesitant to their platforms. However, by depriving them at least a degree of trust, then I wouldn’t have contributed any good at all. Let’s give them a try. And do our part. It makes more sense, doesn’t it? Lastly, among the universal virtues of the entire humanity, one of the few that would always remain is hope. When perseverance and endurance shake off, and when patience and wisdom expire, these three: faith, hope and love remain. Hope. Hope more. Change will come.


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