It’s been quite a while. I cant remember the last time I pressed so many of these keys to translate my thoughts into words and words into meanings (what I mean with the latest is interpretation which the readers can do). Just an hour ago, I had the chance to check on my former classmates’ profiles. Some have become successful, others seem to be at the same level as mine, others didnt do well in life (based on my personal opinion, this is subjective anyway haha). Looking back, high school was not an easy experience for me. That was when our family experienced one of the toughest trials we went through. Our business failed but not our spirit. Our cars were sold but not our precious dignity. Our furniture were confiscated to serve for our ballooning debts then, but simple joys didnt run dry. We survived. PRAISE GOD. Despite all those trials, we emerged stronger and wiser in life. God taught me to be more responsible too. His Spirit, who gave me this wisdom, made me even wiser in life. Life is tough indeed but if you fret on small tides, you’ll get drowned by giant waves and be pressed downward to deep distress. Good thing, God has changed my way of thinking. Instead of ranting about life’s difficulties, why not take these trials as stepping stones to progress -take them as challenges. Inspire others and let them see how Jesus works in your life. Smile. Let them see and feel God through your beautiful life. Aim this: Run with endurance… and towards the end of the road, God will approach you and embrace you, saying “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


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