The Lesson Plan

Jazz, 21 years old, fresh university graduate, eldest among three siblings, from a family of meager income. He immediately goes to graduate school to cover up his unemployment after graduation. He eventually finds himself working as a part-time singer in a band.

After one year of managing graduate studies and part-time work, he decides to apply for a teaching position in a prestigious all-boys high school. For him, this is the best job — fun, lecturing guys 10 years younger, with decent income to share with the family and to earn for himself as well, and ample time to cope with his getting-more-difficult-now studies. Blessed with Divine favor, charm, and smart demeanor, he lands the job.

Just when he thought that being a teacher is all about chalk, blackboard, and lesson plans, he discovers that it is a world beyond the walls of the classroom — it’s a whole new world where he learns both the greatest and most humble of life’s lessons through students with diverse personalities (brats, bullies, nerds, loners, suaves and others), and co-workers of distinct attitude and perspectives.

Sit-in with a first-time high school teacher’s “special work” and browse onto the pages of inspiring life stories written by the Greatest Teacher through this young teacher’s pen and lesson plan.


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