Our Lost Greatness

Why do Western social scientists especially political scientists and historians put greater prominence to the Fall of the Berlin Wall and Velvet Revolutions as events that signify bloodless revolution and change, ones that toppled authoritarian rule and ones that really fought for civil liberties? If these social scientists, especially historians, are real and deep-diggers of important events, they would have recognized a perhaps more significant limestone in the history of democracy vis a vis social uprisings, The EDSA People Power Revolution of the Filipinos. Perhaps, this could be considered the cheapest revolution ever yet world historians fail to acknowledge this. I suppose its because they have little or no regard at all to this pathetic race of conquered people, weak and helpless.

For less than four hundred years, these people were under colonial rule (Spain, US, and Japan). In sporadic moments within that span of time, these same people struggled to learn from their experiences and proved to the world that they’re a people who deserve respect, and freedom, and liberty, just as every man in this world does. From their independence in 1898, liberation in 1945, and freedom in 1986, they have time and time again struggled to emerge from the challenges they had to face.

I do not however say that Filipinos are great. They have been known as the world’s domestic helpers, construction workers, and caregivers – jobs seen by wealthier nations as low-class filthy work left to the poor and desperate. Filipinos are also to blame, especially the administrations of the last 50 years, and the people themselves, who have succumbed to that perception of foreigners. They have this outwardly mindset – that hope could only be found outside this lost paradise.

If only we stand by our greatness, harness the talents, skills, and gifts that God has endowed upon us, we, Filipinos can once again show the world that we are a nation of great people, of great history, heritage, the land of the free.


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