Filipinos are not Asians because Asians are smart.

By Lipadlawin of the Brown Raise Movement

It’s not my penname, it’s not me, for your information.

Don’t be fooled at once by the title of the entry. The story behind that statement excludes us.

Last year, a friend left the Philippines and went to the United States. In his German class, the students were international. The professor asked who the Asians were and one by one the Asian students introduced themselves. And so it went, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Singaporeans etc. all raised their hands. Finally the professor calls this Filipino and asks,

Professor: Where are you from?

Filipino: Philippines

Professor: Oh, Filipinos are not Asians! They are Pacific Islanders! Because ASIANS ARE SMART…

In the United States, it is already being taught in schools that Filipinos are not Asians—that we are Pacific Islanders. While there is a lot of reaction against it, I am surprised that many intelligent Filipinos abroad have accepted this without question.

Pacific Islands are places like Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti, Guam, Cook Islands, Mariana Islands—and their common denominator? Most of them do not possess their own national and political identities—they are islands under the jurisdiction and protection of more powerful countries like USA, France and New Zealand. Most of these Pacific Islands are still referred to as “indigenous natives.” They have very, very small populations and they have no global role or power. While they have their own unique culture and characteristics, they do not hail from any great civilization in the past. Hindi sila lumaban at tumayo para sa sarili nilang lahi.

What is even sad, however, is that even Pacific Islanders do not like and do not accept Filipinos! One good example are Hawaiian tourists we met in China. When they learned that we were Filipinos, they disgustingly uttered , “You eat Balot!” and avoided us like a plague.

The statement of this American guy, filled with racism obviously merits strong disapproval. In fact, our friend was so angry after having been humiliated in front of the class. The logical thing to say, is that the Philippines IS part of the ASEAN group of nations. We can also say that Japan is an island in the Pacific Ocean but is not considered a Pacific Island. But we should ask—why would no one dare to call the Japanese people Pacific Islanders? Why pick on the Philippines?

Simple. Because Japan has produced cars and we have produced dried mangoes and pastillas. The Philippines has been so left behind by Asian countries that foreigners shake their heads and ask, “What happened to your country?” Let us not even compare the Philippines with the four Tiger economies, ‘cuz they’re just way way way too far ahead. What about Vietnam and Thailand? I read that for every one Filipino who has a Master’s Degree, Vietnam has 6, Thailand has 25 and Singapore has 200. But why bother to be educated when the national dream is to go abroad? We are scattered from Hongkong to Kazakhstan, from Italy to even North Korea. Thousands of our doctors are becoming nurses. Our teachers become caregivers. Our women become entertainers and prostitutes. Our young people only know one course and that is nursing. Why would foreigners respect us when we do not even respect ourselves? We are the country of Gucci Gangs—our elite own Picassos and they simply have no heart to alleviate and educate the masses, as F. Sionil Jose and Brian Gorrell—the pitiful Australian guy who was robbed by DJ Montano—sadly pointed out.

I am reminded of Condoleezza Rice, the first black woman to become the United States Secretary of State. She was born in Alabama and suffered discrimination on account of her color. But she was taught from a young age by her father, that she had to be “twice as good”and prove that she was deserving of advancement. Condoleezza Rice explains, “I was going to be so well prepared, and I was going to do all of these things that were revered in white society SO WELL, that I would be armored somehow from racism. I would be able to confront white society on its own terms.” (Washington Post, Lessons of Might and Right, How Segregation and an Indomitable Family Shaped National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice, By Dale Russakoff, September 9, 2001)

The only way to answer people, who insist that we are uncivilized tribes is not by shooting off our mouths. The only answer is to beat them by studying and working ten times harder than the rest—to beat them not just once or twice, but to do so consistently for the next 20,30, 40, 50 years. Unless we Filipinos are prepared to love our country, and sacrifice ourselves by doing the extra-mile, we really deserve to be called stupid.

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44 thoughts on “Filipinos are not Asians because Asians are smart.

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  2. The Filipinos (along with Thailand, Indonesia, etc.) are what is so called “jungle asians.” They are slightly stupider than the “east asians” (i.e. as in Chinese, Japanes, Koreans), which makes them poor economically, but makes up for it by being more athletic, robust, and having bigger dicks. In fact, most “jungle asians” have bigger and more rugged hands than “east asians” since they evolved to survive in the jungle rather than to think like the “east asians.” This makes them big punchers. In fact, in all the fighters that Pacquiao has fought, he ended up to be the one with the larger wrist circumference (so hence, bigger hands and dick). This fight is between a “nigger” who is bred like a horse to work on farms (i.e. cotton picking, etc.) vs a “jungle asian” evolved to survive in the jungle (and hence, only good for menial jobs, eg. janitor work).

    • This response is racist. Are you telling me that the thousands of Filipino teachers in American Schools right now teaching Americans belong to your category of slightly “stupider (if this is a word)”? Are you saying that we are hiring mediocre teachers abroad and letting them teach our kids here in the US?… what does that make us? I also know a lot Filipinos in the fields of Programming, Communications-Technology, and Engineering who are working overseas and performing excellently!

    • . .Filipinos are hard working people. .i admit that there are many Filipino’s who are doing this so called “Exodus”, but have you ever think of the reason behind that?. .let’s say that Asians are smart?. .in what way do you mean “smart”?. .by solving a complicated Mathematic equation?. .by doing a robotic experiment?. .then you’re just as stupid as what you think of many “jungle asians”. .
      I’d like to tell you about the reason why WAR still exist,it’s because we don’t know how to RESPECT each other. .each other’s beliefs, culture, traditions and so many aspects of being an individual. .

    • We’re NOT stupid! I’ll have you know that either we’re ‘jungle asians’ or not, we are a respectable race. There’s no need to treat us like a second class. We are people too and you need to get your head out of your butt and realize that!

    • Oh LOL, are you serious? The nonsense you are spouting is scientific racism of the sort that would not have been out of place in Nazi Germany. It’s a little saddening that in the 21st century some people still believe this garbage.

      I would say that your views are insulting to both “jungle Asians” and Africans (whom you called “niggers”), but I don’t have to. This comment just reveals your own stupidity.

    • A lot of Asians (Koreans, Chinese, Japanese) think they are smart but they just work hard. What is the definition of smart anyway. If they are samrt, then why haven’t they found a cure to many diseases or world problem. Sure they have done a lot of research here and there but the fact is nobody they do not impress me a bit as far as intellectual is concerned. The problem about them is their values revolve around wealth.

  3. What do you expect from an American professor? They are dodos and retards when it comes to geography. Now, if it was a Swiss professor or an Austrian saying that, well, I would start worrying.
    And it would not have happened had you stayed in your country and not gone to the USA.

    As far as I am concerned, it is hard for me to consider an Asian a person whose name is Edward Rodrigues, who proudly wears a T-shirt that says “USA”, who sings “Almost Heaven West Virginia” with an blissful smile, who thinks his own language is “corny” and who does not even know what the capital of the neighboring Asian country- Indonesia, is. And that is many Filipinos I know.

    • As to your impression of American professors, I opt not to react. I haven’t been taught by an American. But I agree with your view with regard to how most Filipinos portray themselves as Westerners. Honestly, I sort of feel disgusted with Filipinos who are not happy with who they are as a race. God has the best reasons why Filipinos are Filipinos. I hope our race will level up too.

  4. I took my master’s degree in the US. In my experience most of my professors are aware that Philippines is in the Asian Region. However, most of the local students do not know of it. I have a couple of friends who came from the Philippines as well and ALL of us got straight As (GPA 4.0) in all our classes… so i don’t think they assume that Filipinos are weak minded or less intelligent than Asian counterparts. In fact we perform better than Asian counterparts in our classes. We’re regular students in the Philippines but we performed above and beyond in good US Universities… and we’re proud to be Filipinos. It’s sad that some Filipinos are too ashamed to admit they’re one…

    • Your statement & example, true or not, lack the intellectual logic (of a master grad, yeah righ!) to support your claim that Filipinos outperform Asian counterparts. Your couple of “friends who came from the Philippines” and you all got straight “A” even considered as average students in the Philippines, (doubltful if it’s even true and all are not descended from other Asian ethnicities), are too weak and way off to make any type of inferences (when compare against the vast statistics indicating otherwise). Intelligence of race manifest through real statistics such as economic data, IQ score, inventions and records of scholarlastic achievements (IMO, IPO, etc), not by selffullfilling and unbelievable bullshits.

  5. To the one who wrote this article, well, you are wrong! Really wrong. Filipinos are smart in their own way. So don’t dare to speak those words. By the way I’m an American Psychological Researcher.

  6. CHINESE are not intelligent. They just copy the products and technology of big American and European companies in order to boost their economy. They do not abide to the property rights and they create filthy, low standard and even toxic products.

    They are just business minded and thrifty in which Filipinos are opposite. Filipinos are happy-go-lucky people who spends money a lot especially for their family and loved ones. They may be rich but most of them lacks the happiness brought about by close family ties.

    We should be proud of our country. It is a paradise. What we need to change is our bad habits such as the “bahala na”, “mañana ” etc that gives us a hard life.

    • So to make your own race look good you put down another race? Not a very intelligent thing to do. You’re just as bad as the idiotic prof for doing that. And all my Chinese friends value family highly, so I dont know where you’re getting your information. You can be proud of your race without being condescending to others.

    • If China allegedly copies, then why doesn’t the Philipines do the same if its so easy to claw your way out of poverty as China has done? Maybe then move up from slanging coconuts to having 1st world nations begging you for billions. It’s never going to happen though cause Flippers will always be the slave class.

    • I can see that with all the “ILLAPINOS” walking around with their cool clothes. Too bad those clothes and shoes won’t earn them a college degree.

  7. The Filipinos mentioned in Dan’s statement are one of those few people who are like Condoleezza Rice. They work harder than they should because they have their responsibilities to their families and to themselves. It’s true that may be they are a small country and they’re not as influential and powerful as other countries, but to step on their identities is really racist of that American professor. Who are they to criticize and judge people by their nationality? Many people from discriminated places made the biggest change. We, as Filipinos, have the right to be treated equally as any other person. Not all of us are what you think we are. Southeast Asians aren’t ‘slightly stupider’ than East Asians also. I can’t believe that such an educated man such as that professor wouldn’t know where Philippines’ geological point is.

    • my experience of many of the philippino’s is that they sabotage their own lives through dishonesty.Is this a lack of intelligence? i have been robbed so many times its mind blowing. you can’t blame it on poverty .
      their are many honest poor people in other cultures.
      it’s like a cultural ocurance ,i believe many philippino’s grow up in a very close family environment which makes them loving however many early childhood experiences support theift and dishonesty, which sadly becomes entwined in the culture.robbed by a freindly smiling faced person that one trusts really sucks.
      Selfishness , i mean you can’t even own land in the philippine’s if your are not philippino. unlike other booming economies that welcome foreign ownership. Foreign ownership doesn’t mean that foreigners are allowed to break the laws of that land.
      The biggest export from the Philinnes are philippino workers. Why because they need to go to intelligent and
      culturally different places that have a better economy.
      So the question is ,,,is it lack of intelligence or cultural,, or both.

  8. I searched in google to see how smart Filipinos are because I hired two Filipinos as my assistant thinking it’s better to give chance to the same Asian, but I’m very disappointed with them, 4 year college education seem worthless to me. I concluded Flipinos are not smart, won’t hire them anymore. The two gave me this stereotypical concept. Don’t blame me.

  9. I think Filipinos has two big problem. 1. They are too much relaxed, don’t want to work hard, not smart, not good at team work, not want to learn and advance, don’t see strong challenge they want to go through. This is some sort of typical culture in hot climate regions? 2. Speaking English is something to be considered as a better position to start.

  10. Filipino average IQ is around 86, and of course there are some exceptional Filipinos who score 100 or over (compensated for those with 80’s and lower), most of whom probably mixed with Chinese and either controlling Philippines economy or got out of the country. Philippines is a relatively democratic country but has been failing miserably against the poverty/corruption/pollution culture for decades after decades, blaming everyone but themself. The remmittance from exported workers is a significant source of revenue. They have a false sense of pride false claim of achievements, and are extremely sensitive to criticism to cover up for their self hating and insecurity

  11. Regardless of race, nationality and status all people are dynamic. They can learn, adapt and change to different situations. Don’t over estimate those people you know stupid because you might not know that they are the ones who are called for greatness.

  12. 1. We speak better english than all the other asian countries (no offense, but most of us are….. but we still love the other asians ;D)
    2. search Manny Paquio up.
    3. Even if we are slightly “stupider”, your country has bad grades and is starting to weaken every year. making you weak minded compared to all of us asians
    4. shut up, we work harder than any other country. A lot of us have to come here to the u.s.a. to be nurses and sailors.
    5. we have more common sense than your whole country (the other asians do too)
    6. And finally, for all the asians here to see. Anything you do…… there’s always that asian kid who can do it better

  13. Well to the one who wrote this article, you just make more traffic to your blog and earn more money to your pocket. This person knows how catch Filipinos emotions when it comes to racism.

    All I can say is that, regardless of what race we come from we humans are uniquely created and none of us would have to have the same gens. In short we are not completely the same.

  14. base on geography Philippines belongs to the continent called ASIA. And that makes us Filipinos, Asians too. But i don’t mind not being address as asian. i am very much happy being addressed as Filipino. coz FILIPINO rocks!!!

  15. People like you will naturally never consider the possibility that other people dislike you simply because you behave obnoxiously. Chances are that you do so in fact! When you make a positive impression on people, they typically respect you no matter what group you belong to, while racial bias is typically expressed as a summation for a set of traits which they have already observed in you, which they don’t like. I know people have been more ignorant in their predjudices against certain groups, but that rarely ever came from university professors, and there has never been legal discrimination against Filipinos in the US!

    I met a large enough number of Filipinos through church organizations, which had made those islands their favorite recruiting grounds when I was forced to attend a conservative fundamentalist Baptist school as a child. Somehow or another Filipinos seemed disproportionately drawn to such organizations, which rallied for marriages where men ruled the home like kings, and the women were expected to obey. Both genders easily shrugged off any challenge to the idea that their bibles were the only source of determining right from wrong, which of course meant that they could never do wrong as long as they could interpret some passage in that old book of lies favorably! It’s no wonder that they rose through their church ranks and made it their business, but then I know not all Filipinos are Christian, and maybe some aren’t even religious. But when you go to a Filipino doctor, why do they usually have the most dangerously conservative medical opinions? Worse, why are they so good at appearing disinterested in even knowing what’s current in modern medicine, while practicing within the area of a major medical school? Why again do they tend so much to make inappropriate remarks, as if they just don’t get it that there is a line which profossionals need to stay behind? Why the thick air of insecurity in Filipino dudes, no matter who they are, as if admitting that they could be wrong is never an option (even when it’s clear that they are, and they know it)?

    I would never say of any culture that no good people ever come out of it (that would just be dumb), but some cultures really are smarter than others. Smaller, isolated groups are no good for smart genes, nor a culture of great thinkers. The Filipino culture is not one of the smarter ones, and it is an albatross on any smart people who it produces. Philipinos can succeed, but only if they overcome that beast without trying to put it on other people, when those people react negatively to the habits of such an insular culture!

  16. To be honest Filipinos are just a whole crap imo.
    Sorry for the word but take a look. Philippines counldnt defend any intruders. Magelan was just an explorer. Not any bad guy or what…
    So the people of the world just used Philippines as like toys and just got resources. Yes I know its wrong but thats compettition. Filipinos were like monkeys. It was a rich country when America was holding it but look… The filipino leader broke everything..
    Lol? Dont know how to do stuff? Also, there is a kind of dog in Korea called jindotgae. Its IQ is 86. The average IQ of filipinos are 86. Dont make an excuse that there are stupid people and smart people who took the test for every.single country did the whole same. Dont
    tell me countries like hongkong Korea Japan
    and taiwan letted only smart people take the test…

    • YOU ARE SO STUPID..”PLEASE READ AND UNDERSTAND. WHEN YOU CRITIQUE, EXPRESS IT IN A GENTLE, REASONABLE, AND APT MANNER. DON’T SAY ANYTHING OFFENSIVE. BE RESPONSIBLE.” It seems that you are the one whose IQ is below 80 ah! I bet you’re a pathetic creature that doesn’t know anything…I will promise that within 40 years..You will Bow to us and treat us like a KING!! You Scumbag..just wait and see the true power of the pearl of the orient sea !!

    • Lol? Don’t know your grammar? FYI lots of koreans and other nationalities go to Philippines to study. Philippines is in this state right now because of corruption that we learned from American and Spaniard colonists. John if you’re an American I’d laugh my ass off right now. I’m a Filipino and my english is better than you and this is not even my native language. Stupider? Letted? seriously? You guys talk of IQ’s and stuff and you don’t even know the correct word for what you want to say. Lol?

      • Hi Cynthia. It’s better to keep your foot on the ground. Filipinos are looked upon because we tend to be too proud. Check your English too, it’s wrong. Better to express in an appropriate manner, just say what you need to say BUT dont insult. 🙂

  17. What’s wrong here is that my race, the Filipinos, are too wrapped up in colonial mentality that we are not able to speak for ourselves anymore and resort to nodding off with everything a Westerner says. This is just sad.

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