Kiampong or “salted rice.” It’s sticky rice topped with nuts and some salted stuff.

A week ago, I was fortunate to join the Think Philippines Committee of the Ateneo High School in their Binondo Food Wok Walking Tour. As the name of the tour carries, it’s a street-slash-food tour. Actually, the tour was not really a first for me because I already had the chance to be part of the same activity last year during the AP Department’s Enrichment Program or something – I forgot what it’s called.

Manila’s Chinatown, for your information, is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Chinatown in the world. And it’s riht here in Manila, Philippines, folks! 🙂 Looking for Chinoy culture? Check this mishmash place. Fun.


We call them dumplings or more commonly known as siomai. FYI, the Chinese have so many dumpling cooking styles just as Filipinos do have so many adobo versions. The picture you see above are dumplings Northern Chinese style. 🙂

At Fireman's Restaurant

 We’re at the Fireman’s Restaurant here. Waiting for the food. 🙂 I’m not sure if Fireman’s Restaurant is really the name of the foodhouse. Whatever it is, the name fits the resto because of the Fire Brigade pictures and fireman’s cap decorated on the walls of the place.


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