June 10, 2008

Hi, I’m still awake and I miss home. It’s kinda boring here sa boarding house coz my housemates are so shy. There are some with whom I could talk well coz they respond well naman eh. Anyway, yesterday, we went to a resort to relax. Swimming as usual. Last week was kinda stressful. I even had pimples and white heads which I haven’t had for quite a long time. Since yesterday was a holiday we went swimming, my family and some friends. In the evening, pa and ma drove me to my boarding house.


Today’s a nice day. I got to meet my other students and we’re still getting to know each other. So far, everything’s going as expected. I met some nice kids who like and don’t like social studies, the subject that I teach. I wasn’t able to submit all my lesson plans to our coordinator and I don’t like it. I’m kinda occupied na rin kasi of things that we have to consider for the Araw ng Kasarinlan. Shaoie gave me tasks na ang dami pero kaya naman. Yun nga lang, medyo di o na nagagawa ang ibang dapat gawin. But of course, ok lang kasi part of my job ito eh.


Robi went to Ateneo kanina. And we were starstrucked. I think he’s really fine young guy. I met his parents last Sunday kasi his bro Maro is one of my students. I want to tell a lot of stories pa sana eh kaso I have to do others things now. I have to prepare stuff pa rin. J


By the way, kanina, I went to Riverbanks bla bla bla and it was nice. When I arrived here from school, gutom na rin ako and was so tired so natulog muna ako. Mga 8 na yata when I woke up. I went to the grocery and bought dishwashing liquid, a plastic ware para lalagyanan ng liquid, I also bought halls candy and canned good and yeah, sponge. Wow, I’m becoming more independent na! haha! Then on my way the BH, I bought rice and menudo. I ate, I washed, drank tea, brushed teeth, washed face, and now typing. It’s late na so I have to sleep now.


2 thoughts on “June 10, 2008

  1. hi chev! honga noh! it’s been “a very very very long while” hehehe…

    yeah, I teach at Ateneo High… hehe. yeah super lapit lang. If I go to ML, konti na lang siguro kilala ko. but I don’t know, baka try ko minsan. hehehe :O)

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