The First Daughter-In-Law


1. University Entrance. Morning

Outside the University’s main entrance, reporters of both political and entertainment news are waiting for the arrival of Federico Jacinto, 19, the president’s son. Rico already expected this. The day before, the president admitted, in a press conference intended for political queries, that his son will soon get engaged to a popular model. Timid in nature, he shies away from reporters who have turned him into an entertainment hottie guy. He drives his sporty car to an alternative entrance to the university. As he gets into his college, he phones his bodyguard.

Rico: Nakapasok na ako.

His bodyguard cues the other security personnel assigned in the main entrance and informs the reporters that Rico has already got in. Just imagine their faces. Even colegialas from adjacent colleges got disappointed when they missed the heartthrob’s presence.

Rico is now inside his classroom.

Joel, (Rico’s friend): Pare, nalusutan mo na naman yung mga reporter. You’re such a sensation, pare. If I were you, I’d even strike gorgeous poses para makita ng mga chikababes. Ayaw mo yun, pipila sila for you.

Dan (Rico’s friend): Didn’t you hear the news, Rico’s getting engaged with Rhea. So how’s it pare? You must be the handsomest guy now.

Rico: Guys, it’s like I’m riding on a limo that’s got flat tires.


2. Univeristy Cafe. Morning

The school cafeteria is crowded by students during their lunchbreak.



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