The First Daughter-in-Law

In the Presidential Palace, Pres. Jacinto’s only son, Federico has become an instant celebrity. With his drop-dead gorgeous appearance, all the girls in town build their castles in the air with Federico as their dazzling prince, living in the grandiose palace in Manila. Although portrayed by the media as over-confident and proud, the very reticent first son is simply misunderstood.

He tries his best to unchain himself from the fixed-marriage to Rhea, his fiancee. Trapped in such situation, he plans to present a lady that he “sincerely” wants to be with for the rest of his life.

Jamie, a graceless and awkward nineteen-year-old girl, works as a waitress in a university cafe. Although pretty and stunning at first look, she lacks the finess that suits such appearance. Because of this, she has become the laughing stock of students and usually ridiculed by Cynthia, the cafe manager. Her fellow workers however cheer her up with their comic responses to such hardships. Despite these “weaknesses,” her discretion to solve problems proves her capacity to surpass her daily troubles. Her unique personality captivates the eyes and heart of her childhood friend, Carlo. He lingers for Jamie’s attention but the latter sets love aside for her priorities.

Federico studies in the University’s School of Government. One momentous event, the snobby heartthrob bumps into gawky Jamie. Federico gets mad because of the spills on his signature shirt. Cynthia yells at Jamie and demands her to apologize to the proud first son. Jamie refuses to do so and runs away. Thinking that such waitress stepped over his pride, he asks for Jamie’s dismissal. Desperate of earning sufficient money for the next school year, Jamie summons Federico to retain her position. Federico grabbed the chance to use Jamie for his plan. Desperate, Jamie has got no options. She would become Federico’s lovely “wife.”

She would then find herself in big pressure, eye-raised by the First Lady and watched closely by the media.

Rhea does not give up her aim to be part of the beloved and influential First family. She does sinister plans against Jamie.

Who will protect Jamie? The impassive but brave Federico or the ever-enduring Carlo? Will Federico and Jamie’s “drama” end up in real love? Or will Jamie give her hand to the one who waited sincerely and loved her from the very start?

Here is another love story that will captivate your hearts.


2 thoughts on “The First Daughter-in-Law

  1. That’s just the storyline. I’ve begun writing the script, but didn’t continue. I’m just not so good at plotting the complete story. hehe… Thanks anyway, mukhang nagandahan ka sa story. 😛

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