Tear my heart, Lord. Break through it.

I’ve been missing myself for quite a long time now

And I don’t want to be this way, I don’t like it

The feeling of hurting and pain inside this tight heart

And I wanna break down and cry

It’s been a year since I swerved from the path

It’s been a journey of tears and bleeding wounds

And although once in a while I get a glimpse of joy

The lament inside overwhelms my soul

It’s been a year since I crossed the bridge

And I fell but I held onto the Grip

I’m grateful that I was caught by Him

But this stubborn heart and soul kept on walking away from His embrace

And I felt the cold of the night

And I have left a part of me somewhere along the road, sometime ago

And now I miss me, the one I used to be

The smiling guy I was

The humble man in the mirror

The courageous spirit

The faithful kid I knew

Where are you, happy kid?

Where are you now, myself?

ย And this heart, look at it, bleeding.

It seems like something’s trapped within

Or maybe the aches and hidden cries of my soul

It feels so heavy inside

And I must break it now

And I must tear it apart

But I can’t. Yes, I can’t. Coz I’m weak.

I am weaker now than the brave kid I was.

And I need help, now.

I can’t do this alone. No, I can’t. I never can.

So I surrender my heart, Lord.

Jesus, touch my heart

And break through it now

Break through it now

Even if there’s pain, I will endure it

Just break through me, Lord.

I just can’t take it anymore, all these burden inside.

Tear my heart, Lord. Tear it Lord.


2 thoughts on “Tear my heart, Lord. Break through it.

  1. mark,
    I wish jesus can tear my heart, give me a new heart. I pray & pray , wait & wait, sir must be something i can’t letting go. where my father please…..? sir, how or may be someone I really can’t forgive….how?
    I try I call

  2. I understand. It’s difficult to forgive and let go. But just as God forgave us, then we too must learn to forgive others no matter how great the pain they inflicted to us may be. It takes time. It’s not easy. Ask God for His Spirit’s guidance. To soften your heart, and eventually learn to easily forgive. ๐Ÿ™‚
    God bless! ๐Ÿ™‚

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