Nakakahiya na bang mauntog?

Yesterday, I attended a lecture of a Santa Barbara-based professor of Sociology who presented his views and some photos about socila inequalities in various places around the world. Anyway, the lecture is not my primera rason for writing this entry. It’s about my “kinda embarassing but kinda hilarious ding” experience during the lecture. I came at the venue at around 10:31. I didn’t expect that the lecture would be full-packed and well-attended, as in SRO. But well, I wouldn’t want to just stand for the rest of the hour listening to his lecture. So when this kind professor approached us, those who were standing at the back, to sit in front although on the floor, I didn’t keme. Go. Ang sikip but I wanted to listen so I sat there even if I could hardly see the presentation. I just listened to the audio. Eh talagang gusto ko comfortable ako. I spotted a good point exactly in front of the front floor. I would have to pass along the podium which the speaker was using. To show some respect, I bent down walking towards that spot. But to my embarrassment, the mic stand hit my head. The sound of the hit sounded of course. That was when the speaker was explaining something with the visual presentation. The audience laughed at me. To make the moment not so embarrassing or to somehow cover the supposedly embarrassing experience, I just laughed with them and showed that I was ok. Actually, it didn’t hurt much. I said sorry to the speaker who was too charming and kind not to mind much of what happened. Sa susunod, magsurvey kasi muna ng dinadaanan hahaha.


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