Life is but a breath in vast wilderness

Life is but a breath in the vast wilderness.

I got a text from one of my former classmates. She informed me that our two former professors died today. I was a bit shocked although I have already had idea what might have been the cause of their death. But I was saddened by the possibility that they did not accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior before they surrendered their last breath. I just hope they did; for if not, how painful it will be for the both of them.

I have long forgiven Villanueva for whatever pain he caused me during my Malikhaing Pagsulat days. He would criticize our works as if those were wastes. He even spoke to me words that affected me back then, hurtful words. But I have forgiven him. And even left inside the chest whatever he did or said in the past.

Life is but a breath in the wilderness. We invest on so many things although we understand that these are just temporary. One day, as God wills it, He takes it away from us for our hearts have gone astray, too far we have broken his heart. God is a jealous God.

To him who had that stubborn heart, I hope that before he died, he accepted Jesus for the salvation of his soul.


3 thoughts on “Life is but a breath in vast wilderness

  1. creative writing ka? and UP Diliman i suppose, tayo lang naman may malikhaing pagsulat eh.

    one anecdote: villanueva was also a teacher of a colleague. and he also had some difficult moments with him. ayaw na ayaw niya iyung work ng officemate ko, tapos iyung ginawa ng officemate ko, he joined palanca, and won, natalo niya pa ata si villanueva sa category.

    i so agree. sana he accepted Jesus before he died.

  2. yes. nagmalikhaing pagsulat ako dati. dati nga literal pa niyang tinapon sa basura yung play script ko eh. hahahaha… nalate kasi ng ilang oras. well, yung play na yun yata may implicit content pa yun ng salvation para sana masharean ko siya sa isang paraang di niya ako sisgawan. sana nagkaimpact sa kanya yun kahit paano… well, di naman ako naghiganti sa kanya, bad yun… la vendetta ba ito? hahaha… pero lately, naungusan na yata siya ng mga sinaktan niya. Totoo talaga, ang nagpapakataas, ibinababa ni God at ang nagpapakababa, itinataas Niya.

    well, sana nga he accepted Jesus before he died.

  3. just always being humbleness or meekness in
    us…good things always prevail.

    maganda title ng blog mo…napadaan lang po!


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