Team In Stead

guys! Team In Stead would like to invite you to visit our blog and enjoy blogreading like never before (siyempre promote to the max ito). This blog’s unique. Each blogger-member of the team has his/her sort of column/ category which its distinct content and style and aims to cater to readers interested with such kinds of topic.

The ultimate aim of the blogsite is not only mere entertainment and literature appreciation but we look beyond that — we aim to influence and inspire the youth readers/ young adults in this part of the cyberworld and tell them of God’s love and grace, to tell them of Jesus’ goodness and the Holy Spirit’s awesome works. We are using this medium of communication to reach out to the blogosphere sa isang asteeg na paraan. Tamang timpla, ganun ba? Opo. 🙂 We aim to become instruments of revolution. Moving from the conventional to the liberal but still upholding the Truth of Christ.

Doing such task is not that easy. We start with attention-catching, if I may use such term.

We do our task best, we let God do the rest.

Is this also your goal? Bringing your generation closer to God? Then stand up and do something. Join ka na! 🙂 This is our generation, our mission.

We look forward to meeting you sa Team In Stead.

Saya di ba? If you want to be part of the team, let us know. 🙂 We’d be happy to have you as our In Stead Teammate.


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