Enlistment Period

mood: sleepy but mind’s awake already

Good morning! Woke up earlier than usual this morning to know if we can already enlist today. Enlistment period is a hassle for me coz I have to arrange my schedule while carefully considering my work time (job sched). And another important factor to consider is the prof! Kung mataas magbigay ng grade hahahaha! Anyway, thank God I got enlisted online in four subjects:

IS 201               Intro to International Studies          Monday      2-5

Anthro 225       Philippine Culture and Society         Tuesday      5-8

IS 209               Readings in International Studies     Thursday   2-5

IS 290               Theories in International Relations     di ko sure   5-8

But a saturday class would be good talaga. PS (Political Science) 299 Rsearch methods runs 8-11…

Good thing my classmate informed me that enlistment for grad students is on the 7th pa. Wednesday so I still have 1 day to make up my mind. yes, one day sa halip na two days para ok na talaga.

 God, help me.


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